Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Germany Epic 7: Weimar

Beer and bowling

I don't know how much you know about the Weimar Republic. I know that its pretty much accepted as the name for Germany between 1918 and 1933. However, having been to Quedlinburg, we then took a ride down to Weimar, so I learned literally nothing more. It was Sunday, we'd taken a ride down some pretty fun roads before heading more directly to ournew (and fairly posh) hotel on the outskirts of Weimar. We had passed through the city centre, noting that there was nothing really going on. Thereafter we decided to do pretty much bugger all. We ordered pizza, which came with the best salad ever and then went and used our private bowling alley. It wasn't really a private alley, but it was in the hotel, in its own tiny bar and you could reserve it. So we had a bar/bowling alley to ourselves. That was pretty much all we acheived in Weimar. The town might have been lovely, but who knows? Watching TV, eating pizza and having an hour of bowling was quite sufficient for us that day.
Like Tina Turner's private
dancer, but instead of a
dancer, a bar, and instead
of Tina Turner, no-one.

That's the "problem" with the way we travel. We're not good at stopping. We cover a lot of ground, see everything we can (or not, in the case of Weimar) and move on. This is a very whistle-stop way of doing things, but at least you don't end up in boring places for long. We also got to do a lot of motorcycling around some pretty lovely roads, although the weather wasn't always great (one particularly mountainous bit of the way to Weimar was a bit foggy/wet/twisty which wasn't the best). But yeah. Still a joy.

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